COOL DOGS WEARING SUNGLASSES Date: 12/28/2013   Views: 0

Dog in colorful glasses Photo: © Photographer: Damedeeso / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Dogs. They’re man’s (and woman’s) best friend, and they like to hang out with us wherever we are – whether we’re chilling at the beach or cruising in a car. Still, these particular cute pooches have taken their closeness to people one step further by donning some very human eyewear: sunglasses. And the result, we think you’ll agree, is pretty doggone adorable. Don’t you agree, ducky?

Dog in grass Photo: © Photographer: Ralf Bitzer / Agency: Dreamstime.com

This contented doggy looks like it has just had a cooling dip, so now there’s nothing to do but put on the shades and sit back in the long grass to dry off. As we know, a lot of dogs love a bit of a splash now and then, even if some breeds are better swimmers than others. Dogs with thick fur like this one has need to be sure to dry out, though, since wet coats can foster nasty bacteria that are responsible for that funky, “damp dog” smell.

Dog in red goggles Photo: © Photographer: Steven Melanson / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Here’s a little terrier that’s all ready to take to the road in its snazzy red goggles. The sheepskin jacket is an extra precaution to protect against those chilly breezes, but it adds more than a dash of retro style as well. Once it’s strapped in safely, this pooch will be the envy of every dog in the neighborhood as it zips on by.

Brown doberman in glasses Photo: © Photographer: Nikolai Tsvetkov / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Yeah, that’s right, this dashing brown Doberman is letting it all hang out as it relaxes in the sunshine. “All” in this case refers to its long, pink tongue. Dogs’ tongues are wonderful organs: as well as being used for eating and tasting, they also prevent the animals from getting too hot. Saliva evaporates off a dog’s tongue when it pants, which, combined with air traveling in and out of the mouth, brings the mutt’s whole body temperature down. Now that’s cool.

Small dog in glasses Photo: © Photographer: Buzzzikin / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Now this is just too much cuteness in one photo. Check out those fuzzy ears, the oversized white sunglasses, and the cheerful expression. We can’t help but smile when we’re faced with such a sweet pooch. Yet while all that fluffy hair makes dogs like this Chihuahua as huggable as soft toys, just remember that such hairy pets also mean you’ll need to become very well acquainted with two particular tools: a brush and a vacuum cleaner.

Bulldog with glasses Photo: © Photographer: Willeecole / Agency: Dreamstime.com

The dark sunglasses go really well with the tough image of an English bulldog. This is one dog you wouldn’t want to mess with, especially if it’s trying to take a nap. Then again, does the bulldog really deserve such repute? Actually, those in the know say that this breed is loyal, funny and great with kids. So basically, despite their slightly intimidating appearance, they’re just big softies on the inside. But don’t worry, buddy, we won’t tell anyone.

German shepherd with shades Photo: © Photographer: Joruba / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Ah yes, this is the life: just relaxing at the beach in a pair of very stylish aviators. Just like us, many canines love a trip to the seaside. There’s all that lovely sand to dig in and run across, not to mention waves to chase and Frisbees to catch. However, as with humans, dogs face a few hazards at the beach, such as sharp objects, venomous sea creatures, sunburn, and even the possibility of drowning. Hmm, perhaps this handsome Alsatian has the best idea by lazing around in the shade.

Big dog with sunglasses Photo: © Photographer: Vitaly Titov & Maria Sidelnikova / Agency: Dreamstime.com

This magnificent Dogue de Bordeaux has its patch of lawn to guard, and as you can see from the sunglasses, it means business. Who needs a bouncer, eh? The breed with the fancy French name is known for its big head and muscular body. Hooch, from the 1989 movie Turner and Hooch, was a Dogue de Bordeaux, but this powerful breed was not developed for comic acting roles. They were in fact bred for the serious pursuits of hunting, fighting and serving as guard dogs. Still, despite this, they are affectionate with their owners. Oh, and as Hooch illustrated, they’re in a category of their own when it comes to slobbering.

Fuzzy dog in glasses Photo: © Photographer: Andreas Altenburger / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Sometimes a pair of shades alone just isn’t enough, and a fashionable pooch needs an entire outfit to ensure that it stands out from the crowd. This Chihuahua makes its statement in a pair of denim shorts and a colorful stripy shirt. But while dressing up your pet for a fun occasion or to take some cute snaps probably isn’t going to stress it out too much, we wouldn’t recommend putting a canine in an outfit on a regular basis. Any clothing that restricts a dog’s ability to maintain its temperature or causes it discomfort such as skin rubbing is not a good idea.

2 dogs wearing sunglasses Photo: © Photographer: Yoderrm / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Here, while the dog on the left looks rather content in its fetching blue shades, the other pooch seems less impressed with its pair of pink specs. Perhaps pink really isn’t its favorite color. Yes, despite the myth that dogs are colorblind, they are in fact able to see a range of hues, albeit in a more limited way than human beings can.

Dog sitting on steps Photo: © Photographer: Anke Van Wyk / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Shades? Check. A step to sit on? Check. Passing holiday crowd? Check. It looks as if this Rhodesian ridgeback is all set to spend the day doing a spot of people watching. Scrutinizing humans isn’t just a way for dogs to pass the time, however. Recent research suggests that our doggy friends watch the way people interact with one another to figure out who is most likely to hold the tastiest snacks. You can’t be man’s best friend for thousands of years without picking up a thing or two, after all.

Grey and white dog in yellow glasses Photo: © Photographer: Prochasson Frederic / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Thanks to its yellow-tinted glasses, this happy looking hound certainly seems to have a sunny outlook on life. As mentioned, dogs and people see things in slightly different ways, but vision can vary between dog breeds as well. For example, dogs with long noses possess retinas that have a “visual streak.” What this means is that they have much better peripheral vision than short-nosed dogs. This is why longer nosed hounds are better at important tasks like chasing – or catching a Frisbee.

Dog in scarf and glasses Photo: © Photographer: Tandemich / Agency: Dreamstime.com

It already has the fur coat – in this case, real fur is okay – so all it takes is a silk scarf and an elegant pair of sunglasses to transform this golden retriever into a doggy version of Audrey Hepburn. And this pretty pooch sure seems to be lapping up the attention. Golden retrievers are among the most well liked breeds of dog – not only because of their beautifully colored coats, but also owing to the fact that they are smart and obedient.

Dog in sunglasses and hat Photo: © Photographer: Bobby Deal / Agency: Dreamstime.com

Decisions, decisions. This dachshund can’t seem to decide which pair of sunglasses would go best with its cool sun visor. In fact, just thinking about it is wearing out the poor little pooch. Perhaps it would be a good idea to sleep on it for a while. Yawn.

What dog in red glasses Photo: © Photographer: Assaf Shuster / Agency: Dreamstime.com

These reflective red shades go rather well with this dog’s gigantic pink tongue. But while there’s no denying how cool a pair of shades can look on a dog, we do wonder if they’re necessary from a health point of view. And according to some experts, no they’re not. If you’re worried about UV rays damaging your dog’s eyes, then there are specially made “doggles” that can help, and these are even recommended by some vets. Still, let’s face it, as great as the dogs in these photos look, all they really need to appear awesome are their own beautiful puppy dog eyes. G’aww.