Here are some places that looks unreal and u must see it.

10. Mount Nemrut

Found in the high mountains of Turkey, Mount Nemrut is one of the most notable historical finds due to the scale of the statues. The large heads are believed to have been erected around the 1st century BC. It is assumed that these statues were made to honor the royals of the time.

9. Underwater River

This amazing phenomenon is located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is one of the most amazing sights to be seen. This natural beauty occurs when hydrogen sulfate mixes with saltwater, making the water heavier than normal and forms a separation that flows similar to a river.

8. Iguaza Falls

Located near the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones, this beautiful waterfall is marked as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.

7. Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is the only rotating boat lift in the world of its kind. Located in Scotland, the lift opened in 2002 and connected both the Forth and Clyde Canal and the Union Canal.

6.Arizona Blowhole

Formally known as the Wupatki National Monument, the Arizona blowhole is located near Flagstaff, Arizona. It lies on Native American ruins and is a historical landmark. Containing a geological blowhole on the site, the site remains a mystery as it is believed that people who lived and died there remain as spiritual guardians of the ruins.

5. Baba Gurgur

Baba Gurgur, located in northern Iraq, was considered the largest oil field in the entire world until 1948. While known for holding one of the largest amounts of oil, it is also known for its Eternal Fire. Its “eternal” burning flames are a result of the emission of natural gas.

4. Lake Retba

This beautiful pink body of water is located at Cap Bert in Senegal. The pink pigment in the water is caused by the abundance of dunaliella salina algae in the water. It is also known as one of the most buoyant waters as it has high salt content.

3. Son Doong Cave

Known as the largest cave in the world, the Son Doòng Cave is located at the Phong Nha-Ke Bàng National Park, Bo Trach District, Quang Bình Province, Vietnam. It is also home to one of the largest, fast-flowing underground rivers in the world.

2.Catedral de Marmol

Located in Chile, this natural beauty is caused by the erosion of calcium carbonate on the shores of Lake General Carrera. Translated as The Marble Cathedral, the gorgeous sight is accessible via a small boat.

1. Rainbow Mountains

The Rainbow Mountains are a breathtaking mountain range located at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu, China. The vivid colors come from mineral deposits and red sandstone that built up over the past 24 million years.