THE MOST BIZARRE ROCK VIDEOS Date: 03/13/2013   Views: 5.278

fvOut of all the major musical genres, it could be argued that rock music has most often taken trips into dark landscapes and flirted with bizarre imagery. Although far from having a monopoly on bizarre music videos, rock music most frequently satiates our hunger for weird things. Whether it be light acoustic rock like Hugo, or something heavier and complex like Meshuggah, or even something with a decidedly prominent electronic aspect, or even throws rap into the mix a la Clint Eastwood, rock music brings us our favorite videos to get scared by, to trip to, or just to sit back and enjoy the oddities brought forth. So whatever your reason, please enjoy ten bizarre rock videos, in no particular order.

Hugo - 99 Problems

This is already a little bizarre, if only because of the song. Country/alternative rock artist Hugo kicks off the list with a cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”, then decides to make things weirder by adding a dude in a pig mask, an iguana and some needles to the mix.

Psyclon Nine - Parasitic
Tool could have easily been featured on every bizarre music video list on Listverse, but for variety’s sake they had to take an absence from the most recent entries. Call me late to the game, but I only recently discovered the second single from their first album, Undertow, and it quickly became a favorite of mine. Upon seeing the video, I knew that it couldn’t be omitted from the next list. Fun trivia: It is one of only two Tool videos to show the band members (the other is ‘Hush’), although they are only fleeting glimpses towards the beginning and end.

Beck - Loser
The first (and most popular) video from Beck features a traveling coffin, the grim reaper, and lyrics that make no sense at all. Soy un perdedor, but aren’t we all?

Meshuggah - Bleed
The Swedes bring the weird in style. Meshuggah lays the riffs heavy, the vocals loud, and the disturbing imagery thick in this complex outing.

A Perfect Circle - The Outsider
It is hard to tell what Maynard James Keenan was thinking when he endorsed this video, but it ended up being quite entertaining. Look for his cameo in the convenience store. Remember boys and girls, crime does not pay.

Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution
One of the Big Four of Grunge, Pearl Jam and animator Todd McFarlane make several excellent statements in this violent video, highlighting mankind’s wars and misdeeds throughout history, beginning with cavemen and going through history to the CEO’s of the big corporations, and showing little actual change. It might just make you think.

The Offspring - You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
This video brings reminiscences of King Arthur’s legends, and reminds me a little bit of The Devil Went Down to Georgia, but maybe those references are coincidence. It depicts a story of a poverty-stricken young man who is awarded a golden guitar, but then uses it to fulfill his greedy desires.

Cage the Elephant - Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
One part of a trilogy of videos that can be watched in a rotation (start with any video, just know that Heard It All Before leads into Scream With Me, which leads into Strange and Beautiful, which leads back into HIAB) from Mudvayne’s latest self-titled album.

Alice In Chains - Angry Chair
Another band from the Big Four of Grunge, Alice In Chains brings us this dark and eerie video with plenty of exotic animals. I’m jealous of Layne Staley for getting to play with that bush baby.

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
The animated band Gorillaz started off their long-winded career with the rap-rock melody. The featured rapper, Del the Funky Homosapien, gets his own featured animated persona (the giant blue… ghost?) in this video rife with zombie references (see: opening text, the vocalist’s shirt, the not-so-subtle undead monkeys).

System of a Down - Aerials
Who knows what is up with this little kid’s face, but regardless, the women love him. He is clearly a celebrity of sorts, although why he is famous is never stated. But it is made clear that, despite all his supposed friends, he is actually pretty alone.