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TOP 10 '80S CARS Date: 09/19/2013   Views: 7.772

1980 Mercedes Benz 450 SL

We’ll commence our journey in Germany with a little something you might recognize from the Beverly Hills Cop movie. Yes, it’s the 1980 Mercedes Benz 450 SL Eddie Murphy, or Axel Foley as he is known in the classic feature, gets to cruise around in.

The specific model Foley got to drive in was red, but the beauty shown in the image comes just as mean looking. It was a luxury car back then and still is to this very day, as well-restored or preserved samples can fetch truly hefty amounts.

De Lorean DMC12

While we’re on the subject of movie cars, we might as well bring up the legendary De Lorean DMC12. You know this sci-fi vehicle from the classic Back to the Future franchise, most likely from the first part and Marty McFly’s very first time trip.

Similarly to the previous entry, the DeLorean was manufactured during early ’80s, properly representing the dawn of the new era. The entire design is highly distinctive, making the car easily recognizable.

Ferrari F40

Now that’s what you call a mean machine! Possibly the ultimate ’80s car, Ferrari F40 dropped on the car world like an atom bomb. Even today, it’s vibe is unmatched, as car aficionados around the globe often brand it the greatest car of all time.

Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear” show once said about the renowned F40: “This is not just a supercar, it’s THE supercar, the pinnacle, and no one has been able to match it.”


All right, time to slow things down a bit and get to the economy class. Volkswagen’s Golf Mk1 changed the world as we know it, easily bagging the car of the ultimate economy vehicle back in the day.

It’s successor, the MKII Golf GTI lived up to the expectations and once again garnered a massive following and millions of satisfied drivers around the globe.

Peugeot 205 GTI

Sticking to the affordable ones, we bring you Peugeot 205 GTI. Often described as a “road rocket,” the 205 model managed to steer away a solid buyers portion from Volkswagen and their Golf series, disrupting the company’s unprecedented global domination of the middle class cars domain.

Porsche 911

When you think about Porsche cars, the legendary 911 model is the first one to pop to your mind. The shape, the curve, the headlights, it’s all 100 percent distinctive and unique. Add a mean machine under the hood and you’ve got yourself a definite car legend.

Even to this day, the company is sticking to their early design with new models, with the original 911s reaching dizzying figures at car auctions.


Introduced in 1985, BMW’s M3 series scored major success for the company and is going strong to this very day. The ’80s style is arguably theg most distinctive one, with the round double front grill becoming one of the signature BMW traits recognizable in every corner of the world.


We’re back to movie cars and the vehicle that made the Knight Rider an ’80s TV classic. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re talking about the sweet ride David Hasselhoff is trying to jump out of in the picture below.

Even today, it looks nothing short of sci-fi, and unlike some of the other cars on our list, still represents a dream ride for many people around the globe.

Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

Representing the big-fellows league, Jeep Cherokee comes as the only jeep to make our list. But what a jeep it is! We can say without a hint of doubt that the renowned Cherokee model can stand up to any of the other listed vehicles, making it a true ’80s icon. Even to this very day, when people say jeep, they think Cherokee.

Ford Mustang

Finally, we bring you the true American legend – the one and only Ford Mustang. Granted, Mustang was launched in the ’70s, but it’s ’80s redesign was enough to earn it a spot on the least. One look at this powerful four-wheeler makes it more than obvious why.