VIDEOGAME CITIES I’D LIKE TO VISIT Date: 10/02/2013   Views: 2.258

Neo Paris – Remember Me

Remember Me is set French capital in 2084 and Neo Paris is a beautiful mismatch of soaring skyscrapers combined with Georges Haussmann’s neo-classical homes and shops.

Sure, you spend most of the game in flooded sewers and slums but occasionally you rise above the squalor only to be met by a stunning vista of towers set against a ravishing Blade Runner-esque orange tinged skyline. Tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower and Memorize corporate headquarters should however be weary of Leapers; humanoid beings which became addicted to the memories of others.

It’s also advisable to be alert for he Errorist insurgency group; a collective of malcontents known to flood entire districts in their bid to bring Memorize crashing down.

The Citadel – Mass Effect Series

The Citadel is the hub of the galaxy’s governmental and commercial networks but that’s not all that’s on offer in the Serpent Nebula’s giant space station. If you’re looking for fun a range of fine establishments offer gambling at locations such as Flux and the Silversun Casino. Naturally, that’s not all you can do with a range of great bars on offer at Purgatory and the Citadel Embassy Lounge.

On the Presidium one can enjoy the company of the Asari Consort and her accolades though you should book some months in advance of your trip – be warned: the Consort’s services are expensive though performing various tasks on behalf of her clientele may get you in sooner and maybe even for free.

For something slightly cheaper yet more dangerous you could always head into the wards for a trip to Chora’s Den which is strictly for those over 21 (over 80 for the Asari among you).

Finally, there’s the virtual matches taking place in Armax Arsenal Arena where you can test your mettle or bet on other competitors and of course, you can top off the evening with a trip to Francis Kitt’s critically acclaimed Elcor Hamlet.

Goldenrod City – Pokémon Gold and Silver/Heart Gold and Soul Silver

The Johto region’s biggest metropolis offers a great deal for aspiring Pokémon trainers, those looking for a simple shopping trip, or tourists with an interest in one of the most popular media networks out based out of Goldenrod Radio Tower.

Of course, the Department Store offers a great deal for trainers too with many items not available elsewhere while the gym offers a formidable challenge. Think Normal Type Pokémon aren’t tough? Think again.

Yet the sprawling city offers more than the normal array of amenities for visitors. Want to depart for Kanto direct? From Goldenrod you can by ultra modern mag-lev train which will speed you on your way. The Game Center offers a host of activities for prizes which are said to vary between different generations and even languages.

Pokémon can also be renamed here, a rare ability while you’re not too far from the National Park and the Day Center.

Haven City – Jak 2: Renegade and Jak 3

Sure, you need to be mindful of the odd metal head attack but Baron Praxis’ Haven City offers a host of activities for those looking for a bit of adventure on their holidays. It’s something of a dark tourist destination.

Visitors can partake of the city’s parks on the west side and it’s only a short jaunt from there out to the Mountain Temple which is a must for any Precursor enthusiast. For more recent history lovers, you can always venture out to what was once known as Sandover City; the ruined section of the city from which all of Haven expanded.

Closer to home you’ve got the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon run by the perfectly legitimate businessman, Krew. You’ll find that he might even let you test out the latest and greatest guns on the Weapons Course and is a key backer for upcoming racers.

Also rumoured to be within Haven’s walls is an actual Precursor Oracle which can offer infuriatingly vague advice as well as eco-based powers to those who’ve made a name for themselves taking on the metal heads.